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Laboratory Robots for Chemical Analysis

Laboratories are the cornerstone of the chemical industry, essential for both quality assurance and ensuring the chemical integrity of products. These facilities play a critical role in conducting precise analytical procedures necessary for maintaining accurate chemical compositions in products.

Laboratories are tasked not only with quality control but also with adhering to standard protocols and meeting legal requirements. It is crucial that processes are optimized to ensure reliability and precision.

Alsys International has developed a series of robots specifically tailored to the fats and oils sectors within the Chemical industry. These robots are designed to perform complex, time-consuming sample preparation and high-quality analyses for quality control and compliance in these specialized areas.

Our robots are capable of conducting comprehensive analyses:

Acid value
Saponification value
Iodine value
Hydroxyl value
Peroxide value
Carbonyl value
Bromine value

– etc.

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Laboratory Manager – Oleochemical Production plant


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