Unlock the Potential of Smart Manufacturing with Alsys Lab Robots.

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Optimize your production process with Alsys Robotics

As a Production Manager, you play a crucial role in streamlining and optimizing the production process within your organization. At Alsys, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to supporting your success with advanced robotics technology.

Find out how our lab robots can increase your production capacity, improve production quality and strengthen your competitiveness. With a focus on efficiency, precision and safety, our robotic solutions offer seamless integration into your existing production environment.

Fast Results

Due to optimized methods in the Alsys robot and the robot’s faster operation, results are available more quickly for production.

Reliable Results

Sample preparation methods with various parameters are always executed in exactly the same way.

Integrated Data systems

The Alsys Robot is integrated with LIMS for optimal data exchange.


The Alsys robot uses advanced automation technologies to perform tasks in the production process more efficiently. This reduces production time and increases overall production capacity.


Precision and accuracy characterize the Alsys Lab Robot, yielding results that are more precise than ever.


The robot performs self-checks by measuring a validated and gauged sample every 8 hours. The Robot checks for any deviation in the result.

How can we help production achieve sustainability and quality goals?

Current situation

New situation

The Alsys RB-247 Lab Robot

Samples at exact time to Laboratory
Freedom, Robot can be entered with any sample at any time. 馃攧
Results after 4 hours available
Within 20min after entering sample, first results. 馃殌
Difference in analysis due to different preparation
Robot processing always the exact same way. 馃幆
Laboratory has to work for production
Robot has to work for production and for laboratory. 鈿欙笍
Operators are not allowed to analyze samples
Operators in factory can enter samples in the Robot. 馃懛馃徏
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“Improved efficiency, precision, and real-time insights into our quality control save us 1.8% annually on raw materials and energy use.”

Plant Director Fertilizer Plant


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