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Embrace data-driven solutions with Alsys Lab Robots

The value of data

Power of data

With the advent of information technology, data has become increasingly important for companies to thrive in the evolving economic landscape. At Alsys International, we understand these changes and emphasize the significance of both the data itself and its proper processing.

Our data-driven solutions are designed to provide valuable insights derived from production processes through the analytical capabilities of our automated laboratory robots. Discover how our Lab Robots enable production to become faster, more agile, and digitally savvy.

By implementing information correctly, processes are optimized, opportunities are identified, production is enhanced, and sustainability is ensured. Stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape and be the one who sets the standard by adopting Alsys International’s advanced information architecture.

Explore the process below to see how a 1.5% – 2% increase in efficiency can be achieved through the use of Alsys Lab Robots.

Process of achieving efficiency in the Factory


Sample from the production process

The process starts with taking a representative sample, paying attention to factors such as frequency and capacity. Samples can be picked and analyzed at every moment of the day, due to the automated capabilities of the robot. Having to depend on working hours is a thing of the past.


Sample introduced to Alsys Robot

The Alsys Robot is designed so that every operator can work with the robot. The robot is software-linked to external systems, meaning batch data, sample points and analysis requests are already known to the robot.

The operator introduces the sample onto the conveyor belt using RFID and decides which actions are taken by the robot. This concludes their part in the process.


Automating Methods

The robot now processes the sample and begins performing various analyses. It weighs, dissolves, analyzes and cleans everything. The initial analysis results are available just 25 minutes after the sample’s introduction and are automatically provided to production.

The robot can operate for four days unattended, without the need for laboratory supervision and can be remotely monitored using cameras.


Analytical Measurement by Alsys Robot

The analysis methods are based on official European standards. The robot ensures this quality by periodically analyzing reference samples by itself. (3 times a day)

This guarantees that sample preparation and analysis always yields reliable results, resulting in a more informed view when tackling the optimizing of processes and workflows.


Intervene production faster

By obtaining fast and accurate analysis results, manufacturing processes can be better adjusted. This allows for greater control over the use of raw materials and the consumption of energy.

When comparing the old method of sampling and analysis with the automated approach, annual savings of 1,5% to 2% on raw materials is very achievable.



Automating factory analysis leads to savings in the laboratory, but this is not the primary goal. The real savings are achieved in the factory. By having a tighter grip on the process, raw materials are saved, the process runs more smoothly and this reflects positively on aspects such as quality, technology, environment, safety, and energy savings.


Discover the advantages of the Alsys High-Performance Lab Robots


ARC 24/7

Alsys Robot Computer Software 24/7 is the software that controls and manages the Lab Robot. It is the brain of the robot.

50 %

Software can make processes up to 50% faster than traditional methods through automation and advanced algorithms.

30 %

the software reduce the chance of human error by up to 30%.

27 + years

of development in the software

10 languages

The software offers support for more than 10 languages, making it more user-friendly for international teams.

Alsys Data Terminal

All the data that the robot with Analytical equipment produces will be stored in the Alsys Data Terminal.

100 TB

Can process up to 100 TB of data per day, ensuring fast access and analysis of large data volumes.


Provides support for more than 20 different communication protocols, allowing flexible integration with various systems and devices.

Alsys connects with the Local LIMS

Alsys Software developers has a lot of experience with integrating LIMS to our Lab Robot. All the data that is stored in the data terminal will be integrated with the customer LIMS/SAP

56 %

The integration ensures seamless data flow between the robot and LIMS, reducing data processing time by 56%.

ARC 24/7
Data terminal
Our experience

“The level of automation and precision it brings to our processes is incredible. With real-time data insights and analytics at our fingertips, we can make informed decisions and optimize our production like never before”

Luco Miatri
Plant manager – Fertilizer Producer