Alsys High-Performance Lab Robot

a revolutionary leap in automation of sample preparation, analyses, and laboratories.

The Alsys Laboratory Robot

Automated Quality Control





Alsys High-Performance Laboratory Robot

Alsys International offers automation solutions for laboratory sample preparation to analyze production samples and final products for content and quality. With over 25 years of experience, the company specializes in developing laboratory robots for automated sample preparation in the fertilizer, chemical, mining, and soil industries, performing tasks such as autonomous assessment, converting solid to liquid samples, and dissolving in water or acid.

The Alsys Laboratory Automation Robot provides a range of analytical techniques, including titration, moisture analysis, ion chromatography, and spectrometry, ICP, and can integrate the desired analytical techniques. Alsys International handles data processing, stores all data in an SQL database, and ensures integration with LIMS, SAP, ERP, and IT systems.

The robot is designed to operate in corrosive laboratory environments and is equipped with sensors, safety measures against corrosive vapors, minimal use of harmful chemicals, and compliance with modern quality standards.

The autonomous robot can clean and dry glassware, allowing it to work for up to four days without human intervention. Thanks to this efficiency, laboratories can focus on more complex analyses, with the robot providing automated sample preparation, integrated analysis techniques (ion chromatography, titration and potentiometric determinations, moisture analysis, ICP, flow injection, spectrometry), reliable results, modern data processing, a safe working environment, and extensive operational capabilities without an analyst.

How Does the Robot Work?

The robot is designed to simplify the complex and streamline the intricate.

  1. The journey begins with a sample provided through the Alsys sample cups. These are specially designed to be easily transported by the gripper, an extension of the arm, calibrated by our experts for smooth operation.
  2. Factory operators or laboratory analysts input the sample into the robot’s data terminal. Here, they can select which analyses to perform for the respective sample.
  3. Once the methods are selected and the sample enters the robot via the conveyor belt, the Alsys robot arm transports the sample to various stations that prepare and eventually measure the samples.
  4. The robot is controlled by its complex software to perform various methods simultaneously. Every step is executed exactly as in the official method. This means that heating for 25 minutes at 240 degrees Celsius is exactly 25 minutes at 240 degrees Celsius, while other steps are performed simultaneously.
  5. After the sample preparation is executed by the different modules, the sample is presented to the analysis equipment within the robot. The measurement is conducted and collected in the Robot’s data terminal.
  6. API integration and direct feedback of data via LIMS ensure that the results are processed correctly.

Advantages of Automation

Automation offers many advantages. The robot is designed with efficiency in every step, ensuring faster results thanks to optimized processes. Results are delivered as quickly as possible, without sacrificing accuracy. Fast yet consistent actions provide the highest quality information in the shortest possible time. Our robot is also robustly built to function in challenging laboratory environments. This includes the types of chemicals the robot can handle: hazardous chemicals are not excluded. Employees who would normally have to work with certain dangerous substances can now delegate that task to the robot, allowing them to work safely and healthily on other projects without the risk of injury. Moreover, customization is possible; specifications can be added to the robot for those with particular requirements. While the standard model is more than capable of handling anything thrown at it, it can also be customized for more unique circumstances and needs.

Application Areas

Our High-Performance robot is applicable in multiple industries and for various applications. The robot performs the sample preparation process for heating, dispensing liquids, dispensing solids, weighing on an analytical balance, stirring, UV-light limitations, homogenizing, shaking, moisture determinations, density measurements, integration with IC, ICP, Titration, pH, Spectrophotometer.

If you have to process many samples, require accurate results, complex sample preparation, analyses during nights/weekends, or too much pressure on analysts? Then contact one of our specialists to discover the possibilities of the Lab Robot for your application.


Introducing the Alsys Lab robot

one of our applications for solid handling


Sample Introduction

The Alsys Lab Robot takes over the routine work analysis of the laboratory. The sample can be introduced by operators in the Production factory or by laboratory employees. It works with an RFID or Barcode. After introducing the sample, the robot knows exactly which samples have entered and which analysis they have to perform.

Alsys Robot Gripper

Samples, glassware, and Petri dishes in the robot come in various sizes. Therefore, the Alsys Robot Gripper has been specially developed to pick up all sorts of sizes. The gripper is equipped with dozens of sensors to avoid errors.

Solid Dosing module

One of the key modules in our Lab Robot is the Solid Dosing unit. Due to our latest technology and advancements, the Alsys Lab robot is able to dose solid powders on a gravimetrically balance.

Moisture determination

In addition to the solid dispensing unit, moisture measurement is an important measurement within laboratories. This is fully automated and integrated in the Alsys Robot.

Stirring module

Homogenizing the sample is important for the accuracy and reliability of the analysis. Besides various modules containing stirring capabilities, the Robot is also equipped with stirrer positions.

Heating module

The Alsys Lab Robot is equipped with various heating options for sample preparation. Reflux and stirrer positions are possible. The module can be heated up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Analytical equipment

The Robot automates the entire process, including the analysis. Integration with various, new, or existing equipment is possible in the robot. In this application, the robot is equipped with 2x Ion Chromatographs, various titrations, pH measurements, analytical balances, and moisture balances.

Alsys Laboratory Robots

View the Alsys International high-end Lab Robot to automate sample preparation. Due to our different and customizable modules, Alsys is able to offer a wide scale of Laboratory Automation which is integrated with Ion chromatography, titration, spectrometry and ICP


Samples processed

8 min

Analysis time


What is an Alsys Lab Robot?

An Alsys Lab Robot is a fully automated smart robot that automates sample preparation and performs analyses to automate quality control.

The robot is equipped with an XYZ arm + gripper and can transport various types of samples to handling modules. The method performed by the robot can be customized by the customer.

Is the Alsys Lab Robot customizable with modules?

Our Lab robot can be configured with various modules to automate different methods and analyses. In the High-Performance Robot, there is even an option to expand the robot with additional modules in the future.

✔️ – Heating (reflux/stirring)
✔️ – Liquid pipetting
✔️ – Density
✔️ – Stirrers
✔️ – Dosing (powder & liquids)
✔️ – NAC Carousel (for P2O5)
✔️ – ICP Sample Preparation
✔️ – Filtration
✔️ – Dilution
✔️ – Chemical storage
✔️ – Moisture determination
✔️ – Cleaning glassware used in the Robot
✔️ – Integration with Analytical equipment

What can be integrated in the Alsys Robot?

The robot can be integrated with analytical equipment, SAP, and LIMS systems. Alsys International has achieved integrations with high-quality analytical brands through close collaborations, such as Metrohm, Mettler Toledo, Avantes, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, Agilent, and Sartorius.

If something is not listed, it can always be integrated with the Alsys Lab Robot by the software team.