Unlock the potential of Lab 4.0 with Alsys Lab Robots.

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Optimize your laboratory processes with Alsys Lab Automation Robots

As a laboratory manager, you play a critical role in streamlining and optimizing the quality control process within your organization. At Alsys, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to supporting your success with advanced robotic technology.

Discover how our advanced laboratory robots can increase your laboratory capacity, perform methods more efficiently, improve quality and strengthen your competitive position. With a focus on efficiency, precision and safety, our robotic solutions offer seamless integration into your existing manufacturing environment.


The robot is developed to perform sample preparation to the highest precision. Each step is performed exactly the same. The robot is integrated with the best quality analytical equipment.


The Alsys robot uses advanced automation technologies to perform tasks in the analysis process more efficiently. This reduces time and increases overall analysis/sample capacity.


Lab analysts don’t have to handle hazardous chemicals. The robot buffers and monitors these chemicals and are dosed within the robot by the Liquid dosing module


Working in shifts is no longer necessary, as samples can be entered by operators from the factory at any time. The robot operates 24/7.


Repetitive work no longer needs to be performed by analysts. The robot takes over this repetitive work so analysts can get back to doing what they do best, doing research and new developments.


The Alsys robot elevates the laboratory to a new level of lab 4.0, it becomes the diamond of the laboratory.

How can we help Analysts?

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Alsys High-Performance Lab Robot

Variation in sample preprocessing
Performed each step exactly the same. 鉁旓笍
Because of the many samples and processes, it is not always performed efficiently
The robot knows exactly what and when to do what. Through AI it generates the most efficient route and optimizes processes. 馃搱
5 shifts system
The Robot is operational during days, nights and weekends. 鈾撅笍
Samples needs to be done at exact time slots
Samples can be entered to the Robot at anytime. 鈴憋笍
Repetitive work, doing always the same thing, over and over...
The Robot is taking over these repetitive and boring tasks. 鈿欙笍
No focus on special analysis
Analysts can focus on special taks, due to work reduction robot. 鈿欙笍
Less time for R&D
Robot enhance analysts to focus on R&D. 馃挕
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“Since the arrival of the Alsys Robot, the lab has evolved into an autonomous laboratory where shifts are no longer necessary. The robot operates 24/7, day and night.”

Laboratory Performance Manager


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