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The extraction of essential nutrients such as phosphate, potassium, and other minerals from the earth is a critical process conducted by mining operations worldwide. These activities are fundamentally important for providing key ingredients for soil enrichment, food production, animal feed, and consumer products. The role of these minerals extends from enhancing soil fertility to supporting the global food supply chain and consumer products, making them an indispensable link in both the agricultural and industrial sectors.

The retrieval of nutrients such as phosphate, potassium, and other minerals from the soil is carried out by mining operations across the globe. This is done to then process these as nutrients for the soil, for food processing, animal feed, and the production of energy sources.

For 15 years, Alsys International has been a reliable partner in supplying lab robots for the automation of mineral analyses. Alsys has developed robots for mineral analyses of: Potassium, Phosphorus (Phosphate), Magnesium, excipients from Phosphates, excipients from Potassium and more

Our robots have unprecedented precision and efficiency when measuring minerals in geological materials. With measuring instruments from our valued partners, we are able to deliver the best of the best. The methods vary from spectrometry to chromatography, which dissect the sample through laying bare all its facets. By integrating the latest in analytical equipment, these robots can then provide a deeper look at the individual components, setting a new standard in mineral measurement accuracy. By optimizing the production process, the robot guards both the quality of products and minimizes the potential impact on the environment; taking away a lot of risks faced by companies in the industry.

Alsys International integrates with SAP/ERP/LIMS to make mining data accessible everywhere and collaborates on a complete digital mining operation.

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sample preparation + analyses time


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“We have been working with the lab robot from Alsys International for about 14 years now and are currently running a fully digital production. Samples are taken directly from the mine to the robot and analyzed by the robot. The data is integrated with LIMS and SAP.

We now receive faster, more accurate, and digital measurements about the quality from the mine.”

Laboratory Manager Mining Operations – Israel


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