Compact Robot

Automate manual processes with the Alsys Compact Robot.


Laboratory Compact Robot systems

Laboratory compact Robot system

  • Acid value
  • Saponification value
  • Iodine value
  • Hydroxyl value
  • Peroxide value
  • Carbonyl value
  • Bromine value
  • etc.

For many years, we at Alsys International have focused on fully realizing the automation of laboratories, specifically the aspects of sample preparation and analysis; fusing a variety of methods into our High-Performance laboratory robots in order to actualize this.

We are proud to announce a new line of robots. Continuous innovation, new insights and an upscale in production capabilities have enabled us to create a novel wave of Compact Robots. These come with all the original benefits that are enjoyed by those who own our High-Performance version, yet are specialized for one specific process or analysis.

This means that laboratories are now able to harness the power of Alsys International’s robotics on a smaller scale. The Compact Robot is an excellent choice for the laboratory looking to automate a particular part of the process, proving to be an efficient solution for those who want more out of their laboratory; by providing a cost-effective way to achieve accuracy, speed and reliability.



Introducing the Alsys Compact robot

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Analytical integration

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Distribution of chemicals


What is Alsys Compact Robot?

The Alsys Compact Robot is a robot specially developed to automate analytical processes in the laboratory. It focuses on a method that is often performed.

The software enables laboratory personnel to change parameters, allowing the robot to be used to automate various types of methods and analyses.

The robot is designed with sample preparation techniques and analysis equipment.

What Analytical equipment can be integrated in the Lab Robot?

The robot can be integrated with a variety of analytical equipment according to the customer’s requirements. We work closely with well-known analytical companies such as Metrohm, Avantes, Mettler-Toledo,

– Titration
– Spectroscopy
– Chromatography (Ion Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography)
– Mass Spectrometry

It is also possible to integrate existing equipment into the robot, under certain conditions.

What is special about the Alsys Compact Robot?

The unique aspect of the Alsys Compact Robot is that it makes analyses requiring highly precise sample preparation, the dosing of hazardous liquids, and time-consuming procedures accessible even to customers who wish to automate just a single method.

The robot has been developed to enable lab automation for everyone, is capable of automating individual processes as well. This makes lab automation now accessible to all.

What does the Alsys Compact Robot process?

The Alsys Compact Lab Robot performs sample preprocessing to automate analysis. A sample is placed in the robot and the robot performs sample preparation. This can include:

– Heating
– Stirring
– Decapping
– Capping
– Dosing liquids
– Dilute
– Titrate
– Measure
– etc.

Everything is developed internally and can be placed in the Alsys Compact robot.

What are the requirements for an application to be considered suitable?

Lab automation becomes interesting when sample preparation is time-consuming, repetitive, and hazardous for the staff, and when samples need to be analyzed regularly according to specific methods.

With Alsys software, it is possible to add multiple sample preparation methods and adjust parameters. This allows the robot to be used for various analyses.

How many samples can it process per day?

The Alsys Compact Lab Robot is capable of automating various samples and methods. Its capacity and calculation depend on the duration of the steps in the method being automated.

The robot performs processes efficiently, doing so faster and more effectively than a human. The average number of samples that can be analyzed with the Compact Robot is 50 per day, with the potential for multiple analyses per sample.

Is it worth automating sample preparation with the Alsys Compact Robot?

The validation of lab automation is often viewed from the perspective of staff savings. At Alsys International, we believe that lab automation goes beyond just saving on personnel and should be deployed for other purposes.

The core idea of our product was born out of dissatisfaction with constantly having to prepare repetitive methods, leading to lab technicians not enjoying their work and changing jobs frequently.

The robot was developed to create a safer working environment for analysts, to perform analyses more accurately, to analyze more samples more efficiently than analysts, and to prepare the lab for autonomous operation.

The robot doesn’t replace people in the lab but enables analysts to focus on what they excel at and what they are meant for, namely research and development.